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Anita Kotulyák runs her own WAX IN THE CITY studio in Budapest since 2014  

“Now I finally have enough time for my family – as well as a job I love”  

Before Anita decided to make a complete job and lifestyle change by joining the WAX IN THE CITY franchise system, she worked as an employee in the economic sector. With her studio in Budapest she conquered new ground and opened the first WAX IN THE CITY studio in Hungary.  

"I knew WAX IN THE CITY as a client and was impressed with the service the studios offer. Later as a business partner, I became familiar with the exciting story behind the company and met its founders, who inspired me with their credibility and professional attitude. So the decision to bring this unique concept to Budapest was easily made."  

With much positive energy and a clear, entrepreneurial vision the mother of two daughters set her studio on a successful course, and pushes further ahead every day.  

"The three months before and after the opening were pretty hard work. But now business flows almost automatically, and I can stressless take care of my studio as well as my family."  

Anita is convinced that the franchise system WAX IN THE CITY is the perfect fit for her: "I want to grow constantly. My goal is to open a second waxing studio in Budapest. And after that – I want to bring the wax appeal abroad. I love new challenges – with a strong partner like WAX IN THE CITY there is no limit to my success.”

Anita Kotulyák Franchisee of WAX IN THE CITY
Eva Baumann Franchisee of WAX IN THE CITY

Eva Baumann took over the WAX IN THE CITY studio in Zurich in 2016  

"It’s great to learn from the experience of other franchisees"  

As a focused career woman Eva dreamt about something she was proud to call her own. And wanted to become her own boss one day.  

"Professional independence has always been on my mind, because I come from an entrepreneurial family. That’s why I know all the pros and cons", Eva explains her decision to take over the WAX IN THE CITY studio in Zurich.  

"My priority is to make the customers happy and satisfied", Eva says. “If you stay focused on the client’s desires you are already on the road to success. You will not only gain the regulars loyalty but also attract new clients automatically by word of mouth.”  

Before she started, Eva joined a training organized by the WAX IN THE CITY headquarter on marketing and business skills to prepare herself for the new challenge. Her goal is to increase WAX IN THE CITY's brand awareness in Switzerland and establish the brand as the market leader in her home country. That’s what drives her every day.  

"Running my own studio is so much fun! I love everything about it, from strategy to everyday tasks like accounting. Sometimes I enjoy sitting behind the counter and have a chat with my clients." All the tools she needs to make her own business a success were offered by the WAX IN THE CITY franchise system. "The support from the headquarter in Berlin is fantastic, I can call whenever I need help or advice. The franchise system is like a safety net", says Eva. “And it’s also a strong network. It’s great to share my experiences with the other franchisees and profit from their ideas.”

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